The concept for our heart ring was developed 15 years ago in Paris. This ring was then given to friends and family as a symbol of love and connection. The beautifully simple yet iconic heart ring sought-after by a wave of youth in Paris, Sydney, London, and New York, soon became a collectible that was sold in select stores worldwide.
Today the heart ring has been developed into its own collection, JORDY HEART, and is closely connected to its designer Jordan Askill. The ring and pieces from this collection are for you and your loved ones. Each piece is to be worn and kept as a constant reminder of the beauty in the world around us.
The world we inhabit is very important to us. A percentage of each purchase from JORDY HEART is donated to select animal protection and conservation organizations that Jordan himself has worked closely with. These organizations and projects live under the umbrella of JA Precious Conservation.
JA Precious Conservation organizations and projects:
 WWF Australia, White’s Seahorse Breeding Project, and Seadragon Research, both at the Fish Ecology Lab at University of Technology Sydney.
All the gold we use is certified recycled. Our gold is sourced from Umicore global materials technology and recycling group.
All the diamonds we use are conflict free. This means that our diamonds have been purchased from sources in compliance with United Nation Resolutions.
All JORDY HEART pieces are created between New York and Thailand.
Over the past 10 years we have had a close working relationship with our studio in Thailand who produce our pieces from start to finish, under the one roof, a plant on every table and each piece crafted by hand. The studio is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.
In New York, the studio we collaborate with is situated in the diamond district and has been running their independent business for over 20 years. We have been working closely with this studio and local casters in the area over the past seven years.
Our pieces are created by hand sketches and 3D sketches with a mixture of hand wire work and casting. Each piece is finished and set by hand. Our enamel is hand-picked in colour and hand painted onto each piece. Our rings are fine and delicate. This makes our enamel beautiful but fragile. Please look after your jewellery with a soft cloth and lukewarm soapy water. Please do not keep your enamel piece in water for more than one minute at a time. For more details on care instructions, please go to our FAQ page.


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